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Live Classes

Hold up!

FiT Mama and KiN Mama pregnancy Duo classes are currently on hold whilst Lucy is taking time out to give birth! Thanks so much to all who have journeyed with us so far, we will be back even stronger soon. Be sure to subscribe to our new Youtube channel to get free videos to follow at home whilst we welcome our new arrival to the world.

And don't worry, Vic is still teaching pre and post natal Well Mama Yoga through her website



Well mama
Pregnancy Yoga

Move, breathe and connect with your body and baby. This class will include gentle yoga poses to help mobilise and strengthen your body and calming breathwork, meditation, relaxation to calm and nourish the body and mind in preparation for birth.

My pregnancy classes are suitable for all trimesters including beginners to yoga.

Well mama
Postnatal Yoga

Within this nurturing class we will allow space for you to heal the body, poses to safely bring back strength and rehabilitate the core and ease off the aches and pains of being a new mum. We will also include lots of calming breath work, meditation and relaxation to nourish and revitalise the body and mind.

Suitable for 6 weeks post birth if you have been signed off by your doctor to restart exercise.

FiT mama
LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training)

Energetic 50 Minute fitness class combining low impact cardio with resistance training to keep you fit through pregnancy, as well as help strengthen core, posture and all the powerhouse muscles that help you thrive and blast labour!

Classes are currently on hold whilst Lucy takes time out to give birth herself!

FiT mama
Postnatal LIIT

Once you have built your core building blocks on the  Well Mama programme - you can be safe to step up to this 30 minute class aimed at building back your cardiovascular fitness - combining interval training with some body resistance work - all whilst meeting like-minded mums in a friendly environment.

Classes are currently on hold whilst Lucy takes time out to give birth herself!

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KiN mama
Pregnancy Duo

Carefully curated yin-yang classes for prenatal women, combining low intensity interval training (LIIT) and yoga stretch with meditation, designed to improve fitness, muscle tone, flexibility and state of mind.

Classes are currently on hold whilst Lucy takes time out to give birth herself!

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