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Online Fitness & Yoga classes for mamas and mamas-to-be

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Welcome to KiN mama

At KiN Mama we believe in empowering pregnant and postpartum women to feel safe, energised, strong, relaxed and ready for birth and beyond - harnessing fitness & yoga as the perfect remedy.

We offer a range of virtual classes, from our integrated KiN Mama Pregnancy Duo classes - 30 min fitness and 30 mins yoga, to our solo classes for pre and post natal,  incorporating various styles of yoga, including yoga nidra for pregnancy insomnia and sleep deprivation, as well as core rehabilitation, cardio, weight training, breathing and stretch.

Vic & Luce

We give you the tools to feel confident in your pre and post natal body

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Giving you the tools to feel fit, confident & strong in your pregnant body

FiT mama

Live Pre and Post Natal Fitness Classes

Energetic 50 Minute fitness classes combining low impact cardio with resistance training to keep you fit, as well as strengthen core, posture and all the powerhouse muscles that help you thrive through pregnancy and beyond. 

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Well mama

Live Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Group classes to move, breathe and connect with your body and baby. Classes will include a gentle yoga flow, calming breathwork, meditation and relaxation to calm and nourish the body and mind in preparation for birth.

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 Providing a nurturing space to nourish and connect the breath 

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KiN mama

Pregnancy Duo

Carefully curated yin-yang classes for prenatal women, combining low intensity interval training (LIIT) and yoga stretch with meditation, designed to improve fitness, muscle tone, flexibility and state of mind.

Classes are currently on hold whilst Lucy takes time out to give birth!

Meet the instructors

KiN Mama is run by twin sisters Lucy (a personal trainer) & Vic (a yoga instructor). Having both worked in the city in PR and events for many years, we found it a real challenge to support our bodies physically and mentally – juggling the desire to do a sweaty heart pumping class and also squeeze in a stretch, yoga and meditation, run for the train, then back in time for childcare = impossible!


Hence our business was born.

Lucy Dalton


Your fitness teacher is Lucy, mum of one (with another on the way!) is a personal trainer and certified in pre and post natal exercise.

“My mission is to guide you at an uncertain and often overwhelming time of your life, to debunk some of the myths around exercise and pregnancy, and for you to come away from my classes feeling more knowledgeable, supported and strong.”

Vic Quilliam


Your teacher and guide through your journey into yoga is Vic, an experienced teacher certified in pre and post natal yoga.

“As a teacher I like to provide a supportive and calming space for women to connect with their amazing bodies, babies and come away feeling more nourished, centred, relaxed and in control.”

"Wish I had definitely started sooner! It’s certainly made me realise the importance of taking time to reset, breathe as well as stretch the body"


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  • Do I have to be fit or flexible to do your classes?
    No not at all. We cater for all abilities, however having attended a yoga or fitness class before will help you be familiar with some of the exercises and language used. For beginners we advise you take it slowly, follow all safety instructionsfollow modified options, work with 70% of your maximum range and if you feel dizzy or so out of breath you can’t speak that’s a sign to stop. See below more on Important Info.
  • I have a medical condition, can I join?"
    Should you have a medical condition that may inhibit you from exercise you will need sign off from your doctor before starting classes to ensure the classes are safe.
  • Can my baby be at the online classes?
    Of course! That’s the beauty of training from your living room, taking the stress out of finding childcare. We don’t however recommend using babies as weights! If you have a bouncer or something the baby can be strapped into that helps make the environment safe. If you need to feed, burp, cuddle – no problem!
  • What trimester can I start exercise?
    Anytime! Many women find exercise in the first trimester hard due to sickness and lack of energy, but if you are one of the lucky ones you can certainly start whenever you feel ready.
  • I’ve never lifted weights before, are your classes for me?"
    Yes! FiT Mama classes are open to all levels, and form and technique is taught throughout and all classes can be done without weights if you aren’t sure. We also don’t expect you to got out and buy a rack of dumbbells! Water bottles, cans of beans can work just fine!
  • How long do I have to wait before starting the postnatal classes?
    We always say give it until at least your 6-8 week GP check-up, and more importantly; when you feel ready. It’s really important that you build your core foundations back before rushing into any impact exercises, therefore we recommend starting with the Well Mama Postnatal programme first, before moving on to FiT Mama.
  • I don’t live in the UK, can I do the classes?"
    Yes you can! KiN teachers actually live in two different places, that’s the beauty of Zoom! The times will all be in GMT so ensure they work with your timescale.
  • Do you offer prerecorded programmes?
    Not at the moment but we do have some free workouts on our YouTube Channel that you can try. We can also accommodate class recordings if the class times don’t work for you, however we always feel our mamas get more from connecting live so we can provide feedback on positioning and form to ensure you get the most from your workouts!


  • Please consult with your doctor prior to starting any of our exercise programmes – see our questionnaire here that allows you to assess your health.

  • If you are new to exercise – either pregnant or  a new mum, please take it slowly and don’t push yourself to exhaustion.

  • If at any point during any exercise you start to feel faint, dizzy or nauseous please stop immediately. and take a rest.

  • Make sure you stay hydrated and take breaks whenever you feel it necessary.

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